Dear Mr Einhorn

I was recently at your facility visiting a family member when I over heard a conversation with one of your staff members. The employee was on their own personal phone explaining to whomever she was talking to that she was listening to the patient's conversation on the patient's phone what time the patient was on the phone the length of the conversation the content of the conversation and your employee told the individual they would continue to call with more information. I find this extremely unprofessional and completely disrespectful and I am now concern for my family members privacy. I'm sure this in some way violates some privacy law. I would think if there is something  to convey to the family in regards to a patient it would be done in the company of the patient and privately. My family and I are very disappointed in the behavior of your staff and think it would be in the best interest of our  family to contact our  attorney to inform him of the behavior I witnessed. Concerns for the patients health I understand but to inform someone of conversations times contents and frequencies is not the staffs concerns to discuss and even more disturbing on their own personal phones and not a company phone which is more than alarming that they are more concerned with to politely put it snooping and gossiping. I would hope you will look into this matter and take corrective measures to see to it that this does not happen to anymore of your patients. I embarrassed for the patient  that their personal time is being infringed upon unknowing to them and discussed. 

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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But if you were listening to Nurse weren't you doing the same thing?


Horrible hospital to work for!! I wouldn't send my dog there for patient care.

The Lpn's refuse to take patients when asked when the Rn's get admissions. There is no order in the building. The nurses talk to the charge nurses any kind of way without any repercussions. The aides don't give baths or feed the patients.

Nurses are constantly making med errors!!! How do you make med errors when you are supposed to scan your medications. Then don't support their nurses at all. Upper management are liars, and will make unethical decision and then when their decision doesn't pan out, the go after the nurses on the floor.

Do not send your family to this very ghetto, hateful hospital, they will be neglectful and possibly injured do to poor nursing care. Did I also that I received a p


I want to thank you for the information you provided about your experience at our hospital. We appreciate all feedback as it helps us do better in the future.

I can assure you that this is not our standard and I apologize that we did not meet or exceed your expectations. We at Vibra take privacy and confidentially very seriously and will be following up on this matter.

I invite you to contact me to provide more specific information to assist with the follow-up. Thank you again for your feedback.

George Einhorn CEO Vibra Hospital NWI

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